LevelUp SDK Launch Takes the Tool From Product To Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Since its 2011 launch, LevelUp has been a product, an app that consumers can download to make mobile payments at participating merchant locations and that merchants can use for payment processing. With the launch of LevelUp's software development kit (SDK) on September 11, however, the Boston-based mobile payments firm is adopting an open platform approach.  "Now, any developer, any merchant, any business, any third party can take any piece of LevelUp's existing functionality into their existing app to build a new app around it," Seth Priebatsch, the founder and chief ninja of LevelUp, told PYMNTS.com in an exclusive interview. The LevelUp Development Platform provides developers with a host of tools. This includes its SDK, which allows developers to enable apps for mobile payment; its APIs, which provide access to rich transaction data; and its authentication flow, which makes it easy for them to ask for permissions. Read the complete press release here.

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