Key to Successful Mobile Apps is Quality Content

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Cell phones evolved into smartphones, which later gave birth to mobile applications--the single most important milestone in the techno timeline to date. Mobile app downloads are at 10 billion for 2010, and projected to grow to over 76 billion a year by 2014. Successful mobile apps can bring in money and customers, but what characteristics do such apps have in common?

Samsung's head of Product and Software Solutions, Paulo Ferreira, discussed the topic, stating that "Perhaps the two most important reasons for why apps are successful is that people's most important communication device - the cellphone - has become a complex computing device with powerful processors that can access high speed Internet connections using mobile networks. This gives users the ability to not only make calls and send SMSs, but access services through a device which is small enough to sit in their pocket....app users are not only downloading fun apps to pass the time, but are increasingly prepared to pay money for apps that provide them with significant value - indicative of the need and desire for content."

The Android Market's 127% growth in a six month period (from Aug 2010 to Feb 2011) is a good indication that it won't be long before Apple's App Store will lose its lead. Samsung sees the Android market as a potential medium to provide users with a way to find and enjoy quality digital content on a device of their choice (and obviously, they are hoping it will be a Samsung device).

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