ISP Accuses Comcast of Cutting Its Cables

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A small Texas-based Internet Services Provider (ISP) called Telecom Cable has filed a lawsuit alleging that Comcast cut its wires in order to drive the smaller company out of business. The ISP had "229 satisfied customers" when Comcast expanded service into the community Telecom served. Comcast offered to buy Telecom, but the smaller company said the price offered was too low. According to the lawsuit, Telecom had marked the locations of its cables before Comcast began construction in the area, but Comcast contractors disregarded the markings and systematically cut the cables serving all 229 of Telecom's customers. Telecom couldn't repair the damaged cables quickly enough to satisfy its customers and subsequently went out of business.

A Comcast official has issued a statement about the lawsuit, which said, “We disagree with Telecom’s claim and will vigorously defend ourselves.”

The lawsuit asks for $1.8 million plus additional damages.

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