Is Your Website Ready for Internet Explorer 9?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The feature set of Internet Explorer has improved, with version 9 supporting HTML5 functionality that can be used to create interactive, immersive experiences. Have you updated your website to take advantage of these new IE9 features?

The latest update to IE isn't just another web browser upgrade--it allows the greatest integration between Windows and the web yet, and extends the desktop to include the web. More people are embracing cloud-based applications, used along with browser-based interfaces.

Web pinning enables users to drag a site to the Windows 7 taskbar, allowing them to access the site directly with one click, just as if it was a local application that lived on their desktop. To update your site to take advantage of IE9's new features, you will need to know how HTML works, and even more importantly, what you can do with the new functionality that HTML5 provides.

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