Is Search Engine Optimization Overruled by Google Quality Raters

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google is known to rely on automated bots, i.e. algorithms like the recent Panda update, for its search engine results. What many don't know, however, is that Google also relies on Google Quality Raters...the question is, how much weight do the Quality Raters carry over standard SEO?

Google's Quality Raters are actually contracted to do research and evaluations of websites--this is done based on the guidelines that Google puts in place. Websites that use black hat SEO tactics, or otherwise break the rules, are found through such analysis.

Although Google is emphatic that the SEO practices they have suggested are vitally important, these Quality Raters are actually beneficial on others ways. The unethical practices of black hat SEO firms need to be put to an end, and Google will make it so, one way or another.

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