Is Dart an Exorbitant Solution for a JavaScript Problem?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google's new Dart language has captured the interest of many developers since Google's announcement earlier this week. Dart has been labeled as being a potential replacement for JavaScript--it can do many of the same things JavaScript does, but it's simpler and faster. But is it really needed, or is it an exorbitant solution for a non-existent problem?

Several things have been recognized which have caused some developers to reconsider the use of JavaScript, and the widespread use of the scripting language has helped to push the notion along. JavaScript needs to be faster, it needs to be easier for developers who come from a standard programming background to use--the result of which has caused the excitement spurred by Dart. It is all those things.

Even with all the complaints about JavaScript, it has many fans, and a very large user base. The web's standard scripting language isn't going anywhere any time soon, but Dart may be just the jolt that is needed to push those who are still developing JavaScript to solve the issues it has, or maybe they will jump on the Dart bandwagon themselves.

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