iPhone Google Plus App Pushing Limits and Innovation Using HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The latest social networking phenomenon, Google+, was introduced to a select few users last week via the web and an Android app, with a hint that an iPhone version was in the works. The Google+ iPhone app will use HTML5 to test the limitations of what can be done with innovation and HTML5.

When discussing the differences between HTML5-based apps and native iOS and Android apps, Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur pointed out that when using HTML5, video capture and push notifications are not possible. By using local storage, however, and pre-loading everything as the app is loaded, the HTML5 apps Le Meur is working on will be "really pushing the envelope."

Other developers point out other limitations of HTML5, including the ability to add ringtones, replace apps, access the local file system and menu button, change wallpaper or replace the home screen itself. Android apps do not have those limitations, but iOS has its own set of limitations.

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