Introducing Kendo, the Unified HTML5 and JavaScript Framework

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Telerik, a developer tools and solutions provider, this week announced the release of Kendo UI, its new front-end development framework, which enables developers to use HTML5 and JavaScript to create apps and websites.

Kendo UI was built with the goal of simplifying the industry adoption what Telerik calls a "rapidly evolving dev platform." As Todd Anglin, Telerik's Kendo UI group EVP, put it, "Building applications and sites today with HTML 5 and JavaScript is an exercise in self-assembling an array of libraries and toolsets to compose a platform that has all of the necessary components for development. This approach is acceptable for hobby projects, but it is fraught with support and licensing risks, it is difficult to maintain and upgrade, it is difficult to learn and it wastes valuable development time. Kendo UI solves this problem by providing a unified framework with all of the necessary components for building HTML 5 and JavaScript apps and sites."

By using the tools and technologies that web developers are already comfortable with, such as jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, the Kendo UI framework allows them to leverage their current skillset. It supports all of the major web browsers, including those on mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

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