If Web Video Is Going To Do 3D, It Faces Serious Hurdles

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web video has improved exponentially over the last 10 years, but that's not enough for some developers--they are eager to take on 3D video. Net Element is already working towards that goal, but if they're to succeed, they face serious hurdles, with a lack of standardization being one of the largest to overcome.

Net Element's Richard Lappenbusch sees his company as early in the game, and stated that it has its advantages. "It is very early in this. We want to stake a claim and experiment and really drive leadership in this area."

Several companies are already working with 3D movies, such as the Sony Vaio 3D and HP Envy 3D, but there are no standards for 3D videos, and it's a guessing game as to which way the 3D industry is going to turn. That means creating several methods for viewing 3D on the web, while waiting for standardization to occur in the industry.

Read the full story here.

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