HTML5 Storming On, But Native App Development Raging

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Spurred by the explosion of mobile devices and the emergence of HTML5, one topical debate for developers continues to revolve around the creation of apps using HTML5 vs those created as native apps. Native apps have functionality that is hard to duplicate using HTML5--for now.

Looking at mobile games, for instance, the comparison between the functionality within a native app and one that was created using HTML5 is glaringly obvious. And if you're creating native apps, the iOS and Android must be taken into consideration. And then there's Windows Phone, Blackberry and webOS to contend with.

The fact that most large companies choose to create native apps over HTML5-based apps is largely due to the functionality of HTML5 that still isn't ready for prime time. In the mean time, native apps will continue to dominate the market.

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