HTML5 Coming To Facebook Mobile

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Along with many other players in the industry, Facebook is turning to HTML5 for its mobile applications, as it will enable them to bring all the features that Facebook users have come to love to mobile devices.

Facebook's internal mobile app development tool, called Faceweb by Facebook's own developers, was used to provide real-time News Feed updates to mobile customers. As Facebook's Erick Tseng put it, "The reason we're so excited about Faceweb is because by using HTML5 instead of all native development... it allows us to actually keep pace with desktop features."

Facebook is looked at as not simply a social networking site, but rather a platfom that is pervasive within a member's mobile experience. By using the Facebook APIs, they have been able to include Facebook functionality in Android devices, allowing users to plugin to the platform without using an app or even logging in.

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