HTML5-based Mobile Games Optimized With appMobi and DirectCanvas

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week appMobi introduced DirectCanvas, an enhancement to its current mobile app platform which will speed up graphic rendering as much as 500 percent using HTML5's canvas element. Developers have often wondered if HTML5 was up to the challenge of mobile app development due to limitations in speed.

CTO of appMobi, Sam Abadir, discussed the announcement, stating that "Games are the most complex of all applications to conceive and build and game developers take full advantage of all available resources of the devices they program for: processor, memory and storage. Game development is not for the faint of heart; games must run quickly, include fluid movement and tightly synch the visual and sound elements.  If we can build a framework for easily developing cross platform mobile games, we can create a framework for developing any application.  And we've done it. Boom! There goes the neighborhood."

appMobi's 24 Hour HTML5 Game Challenge encouraged many developers to try their hand at creating apps using a portable technology. The challenge was to create a mobile app, and submit it to both the Apple App Store and Android Market within a 24 hour period. They succeeded with the creation and debut of "FUBAR - Kilroy was Here" in both markets.

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