HTML5 and Flash Equally Important to Adobe

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week Adobe discussed the future for its Flash platform, as well as the use of HTML5 for creating rich applications. One thing was very clear--Adobe is not leaving Flash in the dust to rush to HTML5. As far as Adobe is concerned, the two technologies are both vital, current and viable for web development.

In fact, one of the keynotes at the Adobe MAX 2011 developer conference showed how the two technologies can actually be used together to create compelling, immersive experiences both in and out of the traditional web browser.

The vice president and GM of Adobe Platform, Danny Winokur, remarked that "We’ve been able to advance Flash and gather learnings from Flash Player being available on 98 percent of computers, and then take those learnings and bring them back into HTML and into the standards. And Pixel bender is a great example of where we’ve already done that – where we had a pioneering technology in Flash and then we leveraged the learnings that we got and used that as the basis for the work that we contributed to the W3C for CSS Shaders. We’re going to continue to do that."

Read the original article here.

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