How To Create Efficient Single-Page Web Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

For app developers who are creating web apps, the concept of a single-page app may sound too simple, but many developers are using single-page web apps to replicate the experience that users have with native apps when they are using mobile devices.

One of the problems faced by such developers, and users of their web apps, include the use of JavaScript rather than HTML, the removal of the browser's back button, as well as the ability to use deep linking within the application. Though the use of the new HTML5 History API, however, those obstacles may be overcome.

Christian Heilmann, Mozilla Developer Evangelist, believes that the problems that come with single-page web apps can easily be overcome, and the benefits outweigh the problems. He went on to say that "single page apps...are necessary for the web to be an apps platform. We have to battle two main issues...old conditioning of users and sloppy development for the sake of doing something 'new'."

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