Google Officially Says SEO is Not Considered Spam

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The head of Google's Web spam team, Matt Cutts, made it official this week: as far as Google is concerned, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are not considered to be spam. Although most web developers were already aware of this fact, many who are not in the industry were not of that opinion.

Cutts addresses the topic in a recently released four minute video entitled "Does Google consider SEO to be spam?" It's obvious to anyone who watches the video, or reads through Google's official SEO beginner's guide that the search engine company understands that SEO is a valid part of online business, and legitimate SEO will always play a role in the development of a successful website.

With Google's SEO stance, along with Microsoft's own use of an SEO team and its SEO toolkit, it's apparent that the leaders in the industry recognize SEO as a valid, useful and necessary tool in the web developer's toolbox.

Read the original article here.

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