Google+ Integration Into Google Search Could Hurt SEO Results

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Recently Google announced that its search results are now being strongly influenced by the relevant data provided by users on social networks. Of concern to many developers and SEO experts though, is that Google admitted that results from its Google+ (G+) social network are being more heavily weighted than other social networks.

Many may have been ready to jump on the opportunity to boost their own or their client's rating by working on the Google+ accounts of those clients or themselves. That could be a risky move, however, as the Google+ accounts may then be seen as spammers, and may be blocked by other members or even removed by Google.

SEO expert Rand Fishkin believes that the results of such practices may harm the quality of Google's search results overall. He also believes that by using Google+ data to boost its search results, the social network will become a requirement, rather than an option, for all businesses, if they want to keep their social networking results ratings.

Read the original article here.

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