Google+, HTML5 and a New Social Network

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Google+ has grown incredibly fast for a social networking site that isn't officially open for business, with over 10 million users already trying out the service. Developers who are curious about the site's development, technology used and what it means for developers in the not-so-distant future will be interested in a recent discussion with Joseph Smarr, Google+'s lead engineer.

Smarr recently took part in a question and answer session, and has already answered 270 questions, and he's still accepting new queries. So far he's talked about how Google+ is receiving daily code updates for additional speed and agility, how smarter ranking/collapsing/filtering in the stream is on the way, and that Google+ uses HTML5's History API to maintain clean URLs, and is rendering Closure templates server-side to web pages are displayed before the JavaScript is actually loaded.

Read the whole article here.

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