Google Chrome to Distrust Symantec-Issued Web Certificates

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google Chrome's developers say that they no longer trust Symantec to issue HTTPS certificates, and the browser will stop recognizing certs issued by the security vendor.

The problem began back in 2015, when Google discovered that Symantec had issued an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate for Google.com, even though Google hadn't requested one. That sparked a long investigation, which eventually turned up more than 30,000 certificates that Symantec has issued improperly.

Because Google says that it cannot trust that the holders of Symantec certificates are who they say they are, Chrome will no longer accept EV certificates issued by Symantec. In addition, the browser will begin slowly distrusting other types of Symantec certificates in order to give website owners time to replace them.

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