Google Aims To Show The Value of Native Client on the Web

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Google recently sent out invitations to an event on December 8th that will be focused on Native Client, also known as NaCl. NaCl enables web-based software to run natively on x86 processors. This makes the software able to run more quickly than standard web apps, and it comes with additional security as well.

The Google Chrome browser has NaCl built in, but thus far, other web browser companies have not been interested in including the technology in their own browsers. If Google has its way, however, NaCl will create enough programmer interest and hype that others will soon join the revolution.

The chief executive officer of Unity Technologies, David Helgason, recently discussed NaCl, stating that "It's great technically, but it's only running on Chrome. Now they're really close to being ready, and so are we. It's great technology, something we hope other browser vendors would adopt. It's the ideal way of putting rich content and game engines in the browser."

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