Even Adobe May Believe Flash Is On Its Deathbed

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Many in the industry have speculated that Adobe Flash has already peaked and that the technology is in its last days. It's pretty bad, however, when the company that produces Flash has begun to provide a toolset for the supposed Flash killer--HTML5.

Adobe announced the release of Edge in August of this year. Edge was designed to enable developers to create rich internet applications (RIA) using HTML5, CSS, the canvas tag and JavaScript. As Adobe Flash' director of engineering, Arno Gourdol retorted, "We think our customers are going to be able to take advantage of Web standards in some cases where before the only option would have been to use Flash."

HTML5 provides much of the functionality that Adobe Flash has provided in the past, especially when it is combined with the other "headline" technologies such as cascading style sheets 3 (CSS3) and JavaScript. Adobe's Flash technology may still be widespread, but it is still a proprietary plug-in, and HTML5 doesn't require any such plug-ins.  

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