Typemock Launches Community for Developers in Early Stages of Unit Testing Adoption

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Typemock, (http://www.typemock.com/) the leading provider and pioneer of easy unit testing solutions, has announced the launch of an online community to assist developers struggling with the early challenges of adopting unit testing in their workplace. The numerous benefits of unit testing have been well documented and extensively written about but surveys conducted by Typemock show that in many cases, unit testing is dropped after the first negative experience despite their financial and professional value and before its benefits become apparent.

Typemock online support community will be there to help programmers get through the initial challenges of unit testing. A LinkedIn group called “Unit Testing Support – Experts Answering Your Questions" has been established, in which both experienced users as well as Typemock experts and evangelists will provide answers and support for unit testing adopters.

In order to help other programmers, Typemock has created a platform in which the programming community can share unit testing stories that tell the tale of difficult beginnings and happy endings. Typemock has launched a special contest on their website, where programmers can share their “Unit Testing Horror Stories" (http://www.typemock.com/unit_testing_horror_stories) - personal testimonials of obstacles programmers had to be overcome to stick with unit testing. Developers who submit the best stories will win prizes and get a chance to become Typemock Evangelists.

“We at Typemock are above all developers who believe in agile methodologies and the benefits of unit testing” said Eli Lopian, CEO of Typemock. “Many of us have gone through challenging experiences while adopting unit testing, we believe that sharing these anecdotes can provide support and encouragement to others who find themselves facing similar obstacles. Typemock’s charter has been from the beginning, to promote unit testing, this Support Community is another way to do that.”

Get involved in the Unit Testing Community. Join the Unit Testing LinkedIn group here and submit your Unit Testing Horror Story.

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