CSS3 Gradient Tool Released for Mac OS X Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although web designers have used images to create the effect of gradients on web pages for many years, the process slows down page loading time, and is impractical in the long run. CSS3 can be used in a much more effective manner, but older browsers and those without the CSS3 support needed have to be compensated for. A new tool called Gradient for Mac OS X, however, solves that problem by creating code that works for all browsers automatically.

Gradient for Mac OS X uses prefixes to create the compatible CSS3 code. Using an easy process that involves selecting some specific colors that will be used, the tool generates the code, which can then be added to a web page. A system-wide color picker tool is provided, and standard RGB, HEX and HSL input and output is also supported.

Read the original article here.

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