Chrome Developers Looking for Better Sales on iOS

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Many developers were eager to develop HTML5-based applications for Google's Chrome Store. Some even got featured when the Chrome Web Store launched in December, but were disappointed with meager sales. Many of those same developers are now looking at the Apple App Store and iOS as a more effective sales strategy.

Lost Decade Games decided to port their HTML5-only game to iOS, but were daunted by the limitations of HTML5, so they partnered with Game Closure and became the first licensee of the Game Closure mobile HTML5 engine.

Using the technology provided by the HTML5 engine, they were able to create a full-featured version of their game, Onslaight!, and didn't have to start from scratch. By using HTML5 along with the HTML5 engine, they were also able to cut development time by 75%, which saved them time and effort.

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