Can HTML5 Live Up To All The Hype?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If HTML5-based web apps were equal to native apps, there would be almost no discussion of the merits of one over the other, but even HTML5 has its limitations. While many in the industry have endeavored to make HTML5 the standard of the day, others are left wondering if it can live up to all the hype and actually deliver.

Even the experts are explicit about HTML5's limitations. If you ask Brian Fling, the author of a recent book on mobile app development and a pinch/zoom developer himself, he'll tell you straight out that HTML5 is dependent on what most folks are calling HTML5-related technology--in other words, JavaScript and CSS3.

If the app that is being created is expected to include functionality including device detection, offline data, themes, not to mention testing and debugging, you will need to employ JavaScript and CSS3 along with HTML5 to do the job. Fling reiterates how important JavaScript is, and how one of the biggest challenges facing developers is the need to completely understand how JavaScript works.

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