C++14 is Read to Roll, See What’s New!

By HTMLGoodies Staff

C++14, the newest draft standard for the C++ language, has been approved and is now set to be published later this year. "We have CPP++14!" proclaims the title of a blog post at IsoCPP.org, the website for the Standard C++ Foundation, which claims that delivery of C++14 was "the fastest turnaround for a new standard in the history of C++." The post also boasts another first for C++, namely "multiple substantially or entirely conforming implementations (modulo bugs) of C++14 available already today or in the near future -- at the same time time C++14 is published." In other words, people don't have to wait for development tools to catch up to the standard before being able to use it, barring whatever minor changes are made to C++14 between now and publication. Continue reading here.

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