Axis Technology Teams with DBmaestro to Protect Databases

By HTMLGoodies Staff

DBmaestro and Axis Technology today announced a partnership, with the goal of enhanced controls, compliance and protection of databases from both external and internal misuse. Together, DBmaestro and DMsuiteRprotect the organization, its clients and its Intellectual Property by identifying where the most sensitive data resides, by applying surgical Data Masking to secure test environments and to ensure controls and compliance by providing Database Enforced Change Management and controlling roles and responsibilities within the database.

Organizations must protect sensitive customer, patient and credit card data as well as Intellectual Property which is increasingly at risk.  Multiple copies of this data have been traditionally used in software development and testing as well as in Analytics and “Big Data” projects.  Additionally, many organizations are increasingly looking to the cloud for these processes.  Axis' DMsuite creates secure masked or tokenized databases quickly and without requiring any programming.  DMsuite also speeds these processes by providing referential integrity across all databases and files that are used in these processes.

DBmaestro’s DevOps solution offers a comprehensive approach to the lifecycle of database management, providing collaborative DevOps capabilities enterprises need to deliver changes faster. DBmaestro has been at the forefront of Continuous Delivery for the database, providing an easy-to-use DevOps solutions which brings innovative methods for safe database automation and ultimately reduce costs in development and deployment. Using DBmaestro’s DevOps solutions, customers have reported a 60% reduction in potential risks threatening database development and deployment and a 95% reduction in deployment costs.

“Over the past few years we have witnessed enterprises increasingly adopting software development best practices for the database,” said Mike Logan, President of Axis Technology Software. “Adding DBmaestro’s capabilities allows us to offer an automated, easy DevOps solution that enables companies control database changes while protecting their valuable data.”

“Your database holds your company's most sensitive and important asset which is your data,” said Yariv Tabac, Co-founder and CEO of DBmaestro. ”Enterprises cannot afford to leave customers' personal details vulnerable to internal or external breaches. The combination of DMsuite’s Data Masking and DBmaestro’s Enforced Version control will provide enhanced protection for the database.”

DBmaestro and DMsuite will be holding a joint webinar on December 17 titled: “Protect your Database with Data Masking & Enforced Version Control” You can register here now.

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