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MyFonts.com Announces Webfonts for Web Designers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

MyFonts.com, an online providers of desktop fonts for publishing, today announced that it has over 20,000 webfonts available from over 280 participating font foundries. MyFonts has the largest repository of webfonts available for use on commercial and personal websites.

Unlike the Google Font Directory, which uses the Google Font API to enable developers to use webfonts like this:

This sentence is using the Orbitron font

the webfonts from MyFonts are purchased and hosted on the designers website. The prices for fonts range from $10 on up, depending on the volume of traffic the site typically receives (fonts are sold based on the number of pageviews the site(s) that use them are expected to receive). For instance, a font that sells for $10 can be bought strictly for desktop use, or it can be purchased for website use on a site that typically receives 10,000 pageviews a month.

While the large number of fonts will likely be very appealing to designers, the cost basis for large sites is substantial (the same $10 font has an option that comes with unlimited pageviews--for $160).

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