W3C Promotes HTML5, CSS3 and More With New HTML5 Logo

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) today announced a new logo for HTML5 and other technologies. The logo can be customized and used by developers on websites to encourage the use of these emerging technologies.

Along with the new logo, the W3C is promoting the new technology, and its own mission, through the sale of t-shirts and stickers. Speaking of the announcement, W3C spokesman Ian Jacobs stated that "In addition to work on the specification, test suites, and useful materials for developers, we seek to raise awareness about W3C technology and to promote adoption of W3C standards."

In their HTML5 logo FAQ, they say that "The logo is a general-purpose visual identity for a broad set of open Web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, SVG, WOFF, and others. In addition to the HTML5 logo there are icons for eight high-level technology classes enabled by the HTML5 family of technologies. The icons can be used to highlight more specific abilities, such as offline, graphics, or connectivity."

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