New API for Google URL Shortener

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google this week announced the API for its URL shortener service called goo.gl. The API for the service, which was first announced in September, is available via Google Code Labs.

The API will allow developers to access features of the URL shortener that were previously unavailable. Speaking about the release, Ben D'Angelo, a member of the Google URL shortener team, stated "With this API, developers are able to programmatically access all of the fast, sleek goo.gl goodness that we currently provide via the Web interface. You can shorten and expand URLs using the API as well as fetch your history and analytics."

The Google APIs console is the place that developers should start. Developers are likely to be very interested in using the API for a myriad of projects. D'Angelo continued, "You could use these features for a wide variety of applications, enabling behaviors ranging from auto-shortening within Twitter or Google Buzz clients to running regular jobs that monitor your usage statistics and traffic patterns."

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