End of Year 2010: Google Not Just a Search Engine Anymore

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Over the last year, Google returned to prominence, continued to grow its online advertising venture, and proved just how much of a force it is internationally. After being hacked by factions of the Chinese government, and releasing the failed Nexus One, Google continued to spread its wings in the virtual world.

Search was still the prime focus of Google in 2010, and its new Google Instant Search functionality kept the search engine company's dominant share of the market stable as a result. Google also made strides in social media awareness this year with the inclusion of social media listings at the top of live search results, but suffered some setbacks as the result of privacy concerns from its Google Buzz.

Google also made some interesting acquisitions in 2010, including AdMob, Slide, ITA Software and Like.com (the ITA Software acquisition is ongoing). And the Google Books debate rages on, with ongoing litigation and the approval of a settlement between Google and author/publishing groups pending.

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