/daily_news/article.php/417624/Google-Chrome-Web-Store-Finally-Opens-To-the-Public.htm Google Chrome Web Store Finally Opens To the Public

Google Chrome Web Store Finally Opens To the Public

By HTMLGoodies Staff

After months of waiting by eager Chrome users and developers, the Google Chrome Web Store has opened its virtual doors today. With games, utilities, entertainment and development tools, the Chrome Web Store is ready for business--and development.

The highly anticipated web application store went live today with over 500 web applications available for download and/or purchase. The main thing all of the apps that are available have in common is that they all were created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and work within the Chrome web browser.

Partners such as Electronic Arts and Amazon are among the first offerings. While they are web-based, most of them do not look like a typical website. The NPR app looks more like the iPad app for the organization, including audio playlists and multiple scrolling panes for each category.

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