/daily_news/article.php/417428/First-Release-Candidate-of-Drupal-70-Ready-for-Download.htm First Release Candidate of Drupal 7.0 Ready for Download

First Release Candidate of Drupal 7.0 Ready for Download

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The folks at Drupal have finally announced a release candidate for version 7.0 of the open source content management system. The final release is fast approaching, and they are eagerly awaiting developer feedback for this new release.

The announcement on the Drupal site discussed the latest round of bug fixes and enhancements to Drupal 7.0, which include improved styling in the "Bartik" theme, bug fixes and improvements to the Update Manager and Search module, as well as updated developer documentation.

Some modules for Drupal 7 have already been ported, and a new Upgrade Status module will show you what will work, and what will not, on your website. The release candidate can be downloaded at the Drupal 7.0 Download page.

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