/daily_news/article.php/417318/Silverlight-5-Roadmap-Finally-Sees-the-Light.htm Silverlight 5 Roadmap Finally Sees the Light

Silverlight 5 Roadmap Finally Sees the Light

By HTMLGoodies Staff

It has recently been brought to light that Microsoft has changed the focus of its Silverlight technology, and this week the Redmond company discussed its roadmap for Silverlight 5, which is expected to debut in 2011.

At the developer event known as Silverlight Firestarter, Microsoft laid their cards on the table for the future of Silverlight 5. After the recent announcement that Microsoft was going to change the focus to HTML5, this latest event gave developers a look at what to expect from Silverlight 5.

The upcoming release will include more than 40 new features, including improved support for media and rich UI capabilities, as well as improvements in tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio profiling support and Visual Studio Team Test support.

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