HP-Palm Announces New webOS Apps Framework

By HTMLGoodies Staff

HP-Palm's "Developer Day" event occurred in New York last weekend, and they announced their new application framework call Enyo. The Enyo framework is said to load faster, and it's supposedly more flexible and easier to use than previous operating systems.

The new framework is supposed to succeed the previous framework, which was called Mojo, during the next year. The Enyo framework includes the following features:

  • Support for multiple form factors/aspect ratios
  • Faster performance
  • Modern, modular design - easier to maintain and reuse code
  • Will work great with Ares (Palm's UI builder tool, named after the Greek god of war) - it's built by the same team and has common roots.
  • Hardware acceleration built-in
  • Browser-based development
Also included in this release is support for HTML5 standards, something that HP-Palm is touting as the basis for the future of the web, which according to them will become a first class app development and distribution platform in and of itself.

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