Internet Explorer 9's JavaScript Engine Not As Fast As Expected

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although it's being touted as a faster, more streamlined Internet Explorer, IE9 is not performing so well in tests. Microsoft's new "Chakra" JavaScript engine was supposed to perform faster than previous versions--but unless sites are taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, users may not see the speed increase, and in fact, may find their favorite sites load more slowly than before.

Kent Alstad, Strangeloop's Chief Technical Officer, said he believes the reason lies in the use of emerging technologies, stating that ""My conclusion is that IE9 is mostly aimed at HTML5 (especially CSS drawing) and JavaScript acceleration. I suspect that these sites [the Alexa Retail 200], in attempts to be faster and more usable to more people, do not exploit these enhancements."

The improvements to the browser include a new, minimalist user interface, and the ability to dock websites in the taskbar (for Windows 7 users). These improvements make the browser "seem" faster, even if specific websites aren't noticeably faster.

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