/daily_news/article.php/416008/Selecting-the-Right-Web-Server-Is-Half-the-Battle.htm Selecting the Right Web Server Is Half the Battle

Selecting the Right Web Server Is Half the Battle

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although most businesses realize that the appearance of a website is extremely important, they often fail to recognize the importance of the web server that runs the website. Taking that into account, how do you select a proper web host?

The type of web host and web server you choose has a lot to do with the details and functionality of your website. Will your site simply represent your business online, or do you expect a lot of traffic and bandwidth? Will a shared hosting service be enough for your site, or will it require a dedicated server? Finally, even if bandwidth is not an issue, will your site be so system intensive that the other sites on the server will suffer as a result?

Another factor to consider is support. Will you need a lot of support from your hosting company? Will you require help with the installation of software? Will your developer be able to handle the routine tasks himself, or will the hosting company need to be involved? These types of questions will help you determine the specific type of hosting service your website requires.

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