/daily_news/article.php/415910/Do-Web-Development-Frameworks-Need-a-Security-Patch.htm Do Web Development Frameworks Need a Security Patch?

Do Web Development Frameworks Need a Security Patch?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Experts who have been discussing the topic agree that secure web development is largely lacking, and that something needs to be done to fix the web development frameworks so that developers can create effective, secure web applications.

Web application security pro Rafal Los, who works for HP Software and Solutions, stated "What if some frameworks had security features built into them that wouldn't make security an afterthought? What if we fixed the frameworks so it was harder to write insecure code, and that you had to [actually] purposely write code insecurely to make it insecure?"

Developers are subject to the tools that are available to them, and with more developers using prebuilt web development frameworks (including JSF, Struts, Spring, and DWR), applications designed for the web are filled with security holes.

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