/daily_news/article.php/415688/Interactivation-Releases-Developer-Toolkit-for-Interactive-Video-Apps.htm Interactivation Releases Developer Toolkit for Interactive Video Apps

Interactivation Releases Developer Toolkit for Interactive Video Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A New York media company named Interactivation this week launched InteractiveXML, a free, interactive video scripting toolkit that enables web developers to build interactive web video apps. The free tool is web-based, and Interactivation is also providing creative, scripting and deployment support to developers for free.

Some examples of what can be done using InteractiveXML are available for viewing. YouTube does provide a tool called Annotations, which provides clickable "choose-your-own-adventure" experiences, but Interactivation is hoping to entice developers with the ability to use variables, branching logic, web service calls, screen overlays and the ability to create rich interactive video experiences.

Matthew Davidge, President of Interactivation, is excited about the release, stating that "Our web-based tool allows developers to focus on the scripting and creativity of the user experience rather than the mechanics of building and deploying. That makes development and deployment fast. When we shoot a demo for an advertising agency, we aim to shoot, cut, build and deploy in three days from script to screen."

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