/daily_news/article.php/415478/W3C-Adds-More-HTML5-Standards-Tests.htm W3C Adds More HTML5 Standards Tests

W3C Adds More HTML5 Standards Tests

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Last week Philippe Le Hegaret, the man who oversees HTML5 standards at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), discussed his disdain over the tests that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 has faced so far for HTML5.

In the last month, the W3C has added 135 new HTML5 compliance checks, making 232 total tests, but Le Hegaret doesn't believe even that many is enough. He stated that "It seems that people are trying to draw conclusions from the tests or from the results, including whether one browser or another is better."

"An increase of 135 tests isn't meaningful. It's way far from making the results significant, in fact. Unless the community starts helping W3C, we won't be able to properly test HTML 5."

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