/daily_news/article.php/415364/Google-Releases-Apache-Module-for-Speedier-Websites.htm Google Releases Apache Module for Speedier Websites

Google Releases Apache Module for Speedier Websites

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Along with the release of the Firefox Page Speed add-on, Google this week released the mod_pagespeed Apache module, which is able to take actions based on the configuration that is used, that optimize websites before they reach the browser.

Techniques for using the module include the insertion of short Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript files into the HTML page itself (rather than as included files), and doing the opposite (using external files) for large style sheets and JavaScript segments.

Other techniques include the caching of files, and the minimization of JavaScript and CSS code, and using height and width data along with image elements. Along with this release, they announced that they have a website documenting the specific filters, along with explanations of how they function.

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