/daily_news/article.php/415126/Microsoft-Says-to-Developers-Silverlight-Still-Important.htm Microsoft Says to Developers: Silverlight Still Important

Microsoft Says to Developers: Silverlight Still Important

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft reiterated at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference last week that although their focus will be primarily HTML5, their Silverlight runtime will continue to co-exist with the emerging technology.

The Redmond company has taken pains to announce that they are joining the HTML5 arena in full force. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reinforced that Internet Explorer 9 can able to handle HTML5 even better than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the company's chief competitors in the browser arena.

Although Silverlight was being used to stream the keynote, little more was discussed about the runtime. The next release of Silverlight is expected to be announced at next year's Mix conference in Las Vegas.

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