/daily_news/article.php/414912/Silverlight-Loses-Out-As-HTML5-Takes-Microsofts-Attention.htm Silverlight Loses Out As HTML5 Takes Microsoft's Attention

Silverlight Loses Out As HTML5 Takes Microsoft's Attention

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Bob Muglia, Microsoft's Server President, this week confirmed that Microsoft is turning focus away from Silverlight and onto HTML5. Silverlight will still run on Macs and Linux systems, but only HTML5 will function on systems such as the iPhone and iPad.

Muglia spoke in favor of the emerging spec, stating that "HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including [the] iOS platform." The opening keynote for Microsoft's PDC event primarily showed Internet Explorer 9 running HTML5 demos, which was a great indication of where the company is focusing its efforts.

This is yet another blow to Adobe's Flash, however Adobe itself has been shifting focus more and more to HTML5, last week announcing that it is working on a tool that converts Flash animations to HTML5.

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