/daily_news/article.php/414474/Adobe-Deals-Another-Blow-to-Apple-with-AIR-25.htm Adobe Deals Another Blow to Apple with AIR 2.5

Adobe Deals Another Blow to Apple with AIR 2.5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe announced on Monday that the latest version of its AIR, version 2.5, is supporting Google's Android, as well as desktops, TVs, tablets and other smartphones. The company has been at war, so to speak, with Apple since last April's announcement from Apple that Flash has "major technical drawbacks."

As Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch stated, "When Apple shunned Adobe last April, it literally turned to Android. Its development efforts with Android took priority and are now bearing fruit. It will still work with Apple when Apple allows it, obviously, but it is making a much bigger bet on Android."

Even Engadget got into the debate, stating that "Adobe's making a serious play for the app space today, and it's not limiting itself to phones -- its new Air cross-platform runtime environment is designed to toss apps on your smart televisions and tablets as well."

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