/daily_news/article.php/412934/New-API-Available-to-Mobile-Developers-from-Dictionarycom.htm New API Available to Mobile Developers from Dictionary.com

New API Available to Mobile Developers from Dictionary.com

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Mobile developers will be interested to learn that Dictionary.com has opened up their Application Programming Interface (API) for them to create mobile applications. Dictionary, thesaurus, slang, example sentences, question and answer and more are now available via the API, free for non-commercial use.

Additional functionality of the API includes a crossword solver, word of the day, synonyms, random words, spelling suggestions, audio pronunciation, etymology, antonyms, and reverse dictionary.

The combination of this API along with voice control, along with gaming apps, will likely make good use of this API, which is available to commercial developers for an additional fee. Those interested should visit the Dictionary.com Developers API Center.

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