What Is The Apple vs Adobe Debate About?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

It is no secret that Adobe has no love for Apple, and vice versa. The debate started with public statements and moved on to full page ads, but do you know the full story?

The debate started with an open letter to Adobe in April of 2010 from Apple's Steve Jobs. Jobs listed six points that laid out why Apple would not support Adobe's Flash technology. The two most important are Flash's ubiquity on the web, and cross-platform development.

Adobe's position is that Apple's devices can't access the "full web" given that 75% of videos online are created in Flash. Apple's side of the discussion is that the majority of those videos can be accessed in other formats. Apple, who had previously denied apps for its App Store because they were created using non-Apple tools, recently loosened their restrictions to allow to apps written using third party tools (including those from Adobe) which are then compiled for the iPhone and iPad.

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