The Future of Web Standards Is So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The dawn of HTML 5, CSS3 and web fonts came at the same time that mobile devices such as the iPhone and Droid made their presence known. Web designers and developers are now creating complex, multi-platform experiences. Is this the beginning of a more refined, ubiquitous web?

Today's web browsers are more reliable and support mature web standards. Consumers demand more and better apps that utilize these standards, and they desire the latest and greatest devices before their friends get them. The web of 1994 is much different that the web we see before us today.

As web developers have increased their knowledge of standards-based design, time has enabled them to work out the bugs and enhancements, and they have become more interested in user experience and content strategy. Social networking is available not just on the social networking sites themselves, but also on other sites and even mobile devices. The web as we knew it is dead. Long live the web.

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