/daily_news/article.php/411778/Developers-Review-Adobe-Flash-Catalyst-CS5.htm Developer's Review: Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

Developer's Review: Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Flash Catalyst is a new member to Adobe's Flash development Creative Suite 5 tools. Unlike Flash Professional CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5 can create interactive menus and websites without having to write code.

Typically, Flash uses Actionscript to perform many features, many of which you may not even be aware of. By using Flash Catalyst CS5, you are not required to master Actionscript in order to utilize the features of Flash.

Flash Catalyst CS5 includes tools for editing color and creating shapes, lines, and text, and effectively developers to use the advanced features of Flash CS5 without requiring them to understand how to use Actionscript.

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