/daily_news/article.php/411126/Mozillas-Firefox-4-Leading-the-Way-With-HTML-5-Audio-API.htm Mozilla's Firefox 4 Leading the Way With HTML 5 Audio API

Mozilla's Firefox 4 Leading the Way With HTML 5 Audio API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

As HTML 5 gains more and more followers in the industry, Mozilla is hoping to gain some momentum with its announcement last week that its Firefox 4 Beta 5 will include a browser-based Audio API. The Audio API would enable developers to create on-screen tools for visualizing and accessing the data that is contained in audio streams.

This move by Mozilla could spur others to jump on the HTML 5-based multimedia bandwagon, which will be easier to push in the industry than the codec-based or proprietary software-based multimedia route. HTML 5 could soon be the power behind Pandora without Flash, or and an audio editing tool that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Google's Chrome browser is now promoting HTML 5 and building Flash directly into every Chrome build, while developing its own WebM codec at the same time. The visual and audio capabilities of HTML 5 have prompted many companies to reconsider their own products and services in order to stay current and move with industry trends.

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