/daily_news/article.php/409866/Google-Is-In-The-Clouds-with-New-Prediction-API.htm Google Is In The Clouds with New Prediction API

Google Is In The Clouds with New Prediction API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google's new Prediction API has rolled into the cloud, enabling developers to create and host web application that are hosted in the cloud, i.e. the internet. The Prediction API allows developers to enable their apps to access the machine learning functionality of a distributed network of millions of computers, making better apps and websites in the process.

The Prediction API is limited as to its functionality, but it be applied to many different tasks. Developers can utilize it to determine the potential products that customers will buy, filter bad emails from good ones, and decide if social networking status updates are relevant or not.

Currently access to the Prediction API is limited, with several hundred developers making up the majority of its users thus far. More information about the Prediction API can be found by viewing this video:

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