/daily_news/article.php/408666/How-To-Improve-Your-International-SEO-Skills.htm How To Improve Your International SEO Skills

How To Improve Your International SEO Skills

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Search engine optimization specialists often need to be specialists in international SEO as well as local SEO. Before you delve into international SEO, learn from the mistakes that other SEOs have already made.

Although often thought of as the same thing, international SEO is different--the languages, keywords, hosting, country redirections, payment mechanisms, information architecture, and other issues are different for projects whose target audience reside in many different countries and cultures.

There are many issues to tackle when taking on an international SEO project. Local domain names, in different languages, translated keywords and text, and getting folks who are native to the country you are targeting to actually provide feedback are all crucial aspects of such a project.

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